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Bradley, born in 2008, is a quiet teen who enjoys spending time outdoors, wrestling, and playing video games and sports, especially basketball and football. He also enjoys listening to rap music, collecting Pokémon and baseball cards, and watching action movies, cartoons, and sports. He looks forward to having a job.

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Kiara, born 5/2006, is a sweet and sociable teenage girl. Kiara enjoys spending time with other youth her age. She loves playing softball, listening to music, and watching comedy shows. Levi, born 4/2016, is an active and loving boy. He gets along well with friends at school where he is happiest during his gym period.

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Jadon, born 3/2009, is an athletic Caucasian male with a keen interest in sports. Jadon enjoys video games as an indoor activity, but he is much happier participating in martial arts or playing baseball, basketball or soccer. Jadon is a fan of the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta United Soccer team. His aspirations include sports broadcasting.

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5982Zion 'NiahAvailableFemale14
Future fashion designer Zion-Niah who prefers to go by 'Niah', born in 2008, is a sweet, funny and happy African American female. She is an A/B student who particularly enjoys home economics, music and art. As Niah’s interest in fashion is peaking, she would like to learn how to sew so that she can design and make clothes.

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Treyvion, who goes by ‘Trey’, born 10/2011, is a talkative boy who enjoys having fun, playing football and eating snacks. He also enjoys listening to R&B songs and the music of Michael Jackson, playing video games, and watching action movies, WWE/wrestling, NASCAR races and Falcons games.