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Riley, born in 2009, is a quiet Caucasian teenage boy who has an avid interest in video gaming. Riley enjoys school where his favorite class is music. He also enjoys participating in Boys and Girls Club activities, playing soccer and watching the Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta Falcons on television.

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Tayianna, born in 2009, is a smart and sweet child who enjoys spending time with family, dancing, listening to music, and watching TV shows and movies. At school, where she earns good grades and gets along well with the other kids, Tayianna enjoys reading.

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Treygan, born in 2010, is a sweet and helpful African American/Caucasian boy who enjoys going to school and is making progress in getting along well with classmates. Math and reading are Treygan’s favorite subjects, but he also takes a special interest in foreign languages such as Spanish and Arabic.

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Autumn, born in 2009, is a caring, creative Caucasian teenage girl. She enjoys the social aspects of school, her favorite course is language arts and she participates in band and wrestling as extracurricular activities. Autumn enjoys pursuits that allow expression such as coloring or reading.

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6037Mary 'Ava'AvailableFemale8
Mary 'Ava', born in 2014, is a Caucasian female who wears an infectious smile and is a joy to be around. She enjoys the stimulation of school and being around other children. Ava loves watching Disney movies, listening to music, and going for boat rides.