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Future professional gamer Ryker, born in 2007, is a respectful, humble, compassionate, driven, hard-working, and talkative Caucasian teen who loves to encourage and be kind to others. He enjoys gaming, fishing, playing football, basketball, and soccer, and working to save money for a PC.

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Bradley, born in 2008, is a quiet teen who enjoys spending time outdoors, wrestling, and playing video games and sports, especially basketball and football. He also enjoys listening to rap music, collecting Pokémon and baseball cards, and watching action movies, cartoons, and sports. He looks forward to having a job.

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Treyvion, who goes by ‘Trey’, born in 2011, is a talkative boy who enjoys having fun, playing football and eating snacks. He also enjoys listening to R&B songs and the music of Michael Jackson, playing video games, and watching action movies, WWE/wrestling, NASCAR races and Falcons games.

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Keyazlyn, born in 2009, is a sweet and sociable African American youth who does well in school both academically and socially. Keyazlyn enjoys playing soccer, listening to music, riding her bike and being with friends.

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Kendrick, born in 2007, is a respectful and caring African American teen with leadership skills who, after he graduates from high school, plans to attend college to take up welding. Until then, Kendrick enjoys spending his time watching his favorite football teams Falcons, Patriots and Georgia Bulldogs.