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Rusty, born in 2007, is a sweet Caucasian teen who expresses himself well. He enjoys playing video games, riding his bike, walking and going through drive-thrus. At school, where he earns good grades, Rusty’s favorite subject is PE.

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Robert, born in 2006, is a personable African American teen who enjoys singing, dancing, reading the Bible, and playing board games. ‘Trouble’ and ‘Uno’ are his favorites.

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William, born in 2008, is a sweet and determined Caucasian boy who works hard to accomplish his goals, cares about others, wants to make others happy, and has a smile that will light up a room. He enjoys spending time with others, singing songs, being read to, walking in the park, and playing leap frog and games that make sounds.

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5363RDestiny AvailableFemale16
Destiny, born in 2004, is a sweet, loving and outspoken Caucasian teen who enjoys doing arts and crafts, drawing, sketching and sewing. She also enjoys playing volleyball and ‘Uno’, listening to Nightcore music, watching Japanese animation, and playing and watching football games. The Bulldogs are her favorite team.

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Antrel “Tre”, born in 2013, is a loving African American/Caucasian boy who is a great dancer. He enjoys being outside, listening to music, playing on a tablet, playing ‘Connect 4’, and watching cartoons and family-friendly movies. At school, Antrel enjoys seeing his friends and playing during recess.