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Playing video games and watching YouTube videos are just a couple of this future technical school attendee’s interests. Smart and loving Martin, an African American teen born in 2003, also enjoys skateboarding, walking, riding his bike, listening to rap music, and playing and watching basketball.

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Beyonce’, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have inspired Isabella to want to do what they do when she grows up, sing professionally. In the meantime, this smart and playful Caucasian girl, born in 2007, enjoys playing with her Barbies, playing hopscotch, and doing gymnastics.

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Visiting Disney World and learning to play basketball and football are a few of the things that Larry “LeBraun”, who enjoys playing outside, and watching basketball and football games, wishes to do someday.

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Caleb, born in 2010, is an energetic African American/Caucasian boy with a large personality who enjoys playing video games, swinging on the swings and listening to all types of music. He also enjoys watching cartoons, watching the Transformers movies, and anything that involves the Power Rangers or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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5076AJoshua AvailableMale10
Joshua, born in 2007, is a sweet and sociable African American/Caucasian boy who already has lots of interests, but is always open to finding news hobbies and sports in which to participate. He enjoys spending time with his friends, playing football, running, and watching football, basketball and baseball games.