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Richard “Bubba”, born in 2006, is an outspoken African American boy who enjoys family time, going on outings, and playing video games and chess. He also enjoys watching action movies, listening to rap music, participating in activities at the Boys & Girls Clubs, and playing and watching football and basketball. The Patriots are his favorite team.

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Future Dr. Daizy, born in 2003, is a kind, caring, sociable and charismatic Caucasian teen who plans to become an obstetrician/gynecologist when she grows up. She is an artistic young lady who enjoys crafting, listening to hip hop and other music to which she can dance, playing ‘Trouble’, and watching animated shows like ‘Frozen’.

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Lillian “Lilly”, born in 2016, is a happy and fun-loving Caucasian girl who enjoys playing on the mat, watching the movie “Trolls”, listening to music designed to help her brain and getting around using a gait trainer. At school, where she gets along well with the other kids, Lilly enjoys playing with toys.

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5227AMalasha AvailableFemale13
Future lawyer Malasha, born in 2005, is a smart, talkative, outspoken and sociable African American teen who likes to have fun and participate in different activities. She is a good advocate for herself and a great storyteller who enjoys writing poetry, singing in the choir, and being on the track team.

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Aden, born in 2010, is a joyful, witty, pleasant and well-mannered African American boy who loves to play and watch football, especially when the Falcons are playing, and hopes to play football professionally when he grows up.