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Future musician/rapper Josiah, born in 2010, is an African American teen who has excellent handwriting and enjoys listening to rap music, drawing, and playing video games. He also enjoys watching anime, spending time with animals, and riding his bike. At school, where he earns good grades, Josiah’s favorite subject is science.

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Leona, born in 2008, is a soft-spoken, happy, sociable, friendly, well-behaved, and family-oriented African American/Caucasian teen who is easily amused, gets along well with other kids, makes friends easily, and enjoys speaking with people she knows. She also enjoys unicorns, coloring, and reading. Anime and Manga books are her favorites.

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Maya, born in 2011, is an expressive African American child who enjoys cheerleading and watching cheer shows and cartoons. At school, where she gets along well with the other kids and Science is her favorite subject, Maya enjoys spending time with her friends.
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Keagan, born in 2018, is an energetic and sociable African American girl who loves to ride the bus and go to school where her friendly nature leads to good peer relationships. Keagan loves to count and learn new things. She enjoys watching cartoons and singing.

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Elie, born in 2008, is a sweet and kind Caucasian teen who likes to joke around and is described as an ‘old soul.’ He enjoys going for walks, going out, and experiencing new things. Elie also enjoys playing video games and football, listening to old school music, and watching comedies and Georgia football games.